Family Funeral Insurance

A family is the most important people that a person could have in their lives, and taking care of them on all levels is a great responsibility. Nonetheless, when you choose to have a family or to take-in extended relative into your home, they become part of your daily life.

Another aspect that is part of everyone's life is death. It is unpredictable, and it does not have an age restriction. One way you can make sure that your family does not struggle financially after a loved one passes is by purchasing family funeral insurance.


When a person dies, and they do not have some financial plan in place to settle the costs of the memorial, it becomes the closest people to the person's responsibility to do it. For example, Pete's mother passed away recently, and his dad died many years ago, so Pete and his brother Jack would have to arrange and settle the funeral costs for their mother. They are the closest family that she had left and her sons want to give her a proper burial.

Funeral costs keep rising with each passing year, and it is not expenses that any average person in South Africa can settle out of their monthly budgets. It can lead to a financial struggle for many families in South Africa unless you buy a funeral plan today for you and your loved ones.

A lot of funeral companies give you the option to cover your immediate family, as well as a few extended relatives (like your parents, parents-in-law). So, you do not have to worry about providing for each an individual policy.

If you know that your parents or grandparents are not covered for funeral expenses, then put them on your funeral policy today or contact a company of your choice and help them get a funeral insurance cover today.

You do get burial insurance companies that cater to the following:

  • Funeral cover for over 65
  • Funeral cover for over 75
  • Funeral cover for over 80

Make the right decision today and get a funeral cover for seniors as soon as possible, you do not know what might happen in the blink of an eye.

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