In life, there is nothing as tragic as the death of a loved one, unexpectedly or not. It is a heart-breaking time for the family, and the relatives will have to come to terms with it and make funeral arrangements while mourning the deceased. One thing that should not be a problem during this time is funeral costs. Burying or cremating a person is not cheap, every aspect of the memorial service will cost you. Should you think about getting a funeral cover?

What is funeral insurance?

It is a policy also known as death cover. It is a coverage that one takes out on him/herself and the family. In case anyone that is covered died due to any circumstances, the funeral plan will settle all costs like the burial ground, coffin, flowers, tombstone, cremation and so forth. When you mourn a family member, you do not want to struggle to settle the costs for the burial/cremation.

Once you are covered, you will make sure that your monthly installments are made and not skipped. Your insurance company can terminate your policy due to bad payments.

Is funeral cover quotes expensive?

It depends on all your requirements if you are going to pay more than others for a funeral plan. Keep in mind that cremation is less expensive than burial. Every aspect that you want to be covered will cost you more, but you can tell your funeral plan company how much you are willing to spend each month or you can give them a certain amount that you want each person to be covered with. That amount will be paid to the family after the day an insured loved one dies. The higher the amount of cover you want for each person, the more expensive your quotes will be.

Another way to find the most affordable quote with the most benefits is to compare quotations from various funeral insurance companies in South Africa. Once you collect the quotes from multiple firms, you differentiate which one provides you with more for less. This way you will undoubtedly have the best possible funeral cover for you and your family.

Which funeral companies in South Africa is the best?

All the companies in South Africa providing funeral cover is the same. Each has its terms and conditions, but that does not mean one is better than the other. Yes, some people prefer a particular company over another one, but that is due to personal choice. You will have to find the company that you want to use and buy a funeral policy from them.

Can I only put my family on my policy?

No, you can add extended family if you want to. Extended family included relatives like your parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers and more. It is essential that all people should have funeral cover due to the rising costs of everything even laying a loved one to rest.

Where can I get quotes to compare?

Find quotes here with Laid 2 Rest and an agent will get back to you via e-mail or phone with a variety of offers. Make use of the service of the agent, as it is free and they will undoubtedly help you find what you are looking for. Be at rest knowing that you are your family is protected against the worst.