Vodacom Funeral Cover

What Does Vodacom Funeral Cover Offer?

They have 3 plans to compare and choose from, namely:

  • Family Funeral

With this option you get cover up to R75,000 and you can provide it to 15 members on one plan. You do not have to undergo any medical exams and payment will be deducted from your bank account. There are no weekly payments on this plan, only month-to-month. Extra benefits that you will receive on this offer is transportation, discount on tombstones and legal assistance (if needed). It start from as little as R99/month.

  • Funeral Cover 4 You

Starting from as little as R12/month, you will receive coverage up to R10,000. It does have a weekly payment option from R3/week, this payment will be done by recharge method. Only you will be covered under this plan and no medical tests need to be done. This option does not have any additional benefits.

  • Funeral Cover 4 You And Your Family

The coverage start from R30/month and provide R10,000 cover for you and your spouse, children receive R5,000 protection. Payments also work on a weekly basis of R7.50 and it is done by recharging your phone. You can cover 5 additional members on this plan and it offers no additional benefits. You and your family do not have to undergo any medical examinations.

So, this is what Vodacom has to offer you, if you are not happy with the results you can visit this page to find quotes from various companies.