Standard Bank Funeral Cover

Find The Right Funeral Plan With Standard Bank

Standard Bank does not want you to struggle to find a solution to settle the burial costs while you are in mourning. It is why they provide you with the option of funeral cover.

What Benefits Does The Funeral Cover Have?

You have a 24-hour helpline for pre- and post counseling for accidental exposure to HIV/Aids. All members receive a six-month free cover if the primary member of the policy dies. They also receive the option to get trauma counseling. You have access to a wide range of network doctors, emergency transportation, dentists, and optometrists. They can also help you to get discount at funeral florists and parlors. They can also assist you with planning the funeral for a loved one.

What Does Offers Standard Bank Provide?

The Classic Funeral Plan

It is cover for you and your family from R196 per month and covers up to R50,000. Additional benefits with this option are R5,000 for a tombstone and R2,000 grocery benefit for up to twelve months.

The Single Member Cover

This plan is for a single member only and starts from as little as R40 per month with the cover up to R50,000. No groceries benefit, but you receive up to R5,000 for a tombstone.

The Family Plan

This plan covers you and your spouse, up to five children and six extended relatives. It begins at R85 per month at R10,000 cover with additional benefits that include R3,000 for a tombstone and R1,200 groceries benefit for up to six months.

The Funeral Lite Plan

It will cover you, your spouse and up to five children with the cover up to R7,000 with as little as R44 per month. There is no tombstone benefit, but there is a groceries benefit of R800 for up to six months.

It is the options you have with Standard Bank funeral cover, and you can benefit from one of these affordable plans. So, think about it and make sure that you get the necessary protection for you and your family.