Sanlam Funeral Cover

Sanlam wants to offer you the chance to give your deceased loved one a proper memorial, so you and your family can mourn in peace and know you did your best to give him or her a dignified burial. It is why they offer you affordable funeral cover for you and your loved ones.

Because South Africa is a diverse nation, each burial will cost different than the next. Usually, the costs range between R7,500 and R50,000. A lot of people is under the impression that it is not expensive to bury a loved one or to plan a memorial service. Nothing these days come cheap, even the loss of a loved one.

But, having a funeral cover will ease that stress when a loved one dies, and there is no money to plan a burial. You can mourn without financial stress making the unfortunate event so much worse. Sanlam offers you affordable plans and the chance to get covered immediately.

If you are looking for quotes from various providers in South Africa, you can click the banner and provide us with your details. An agent will get back to you with a variety of quotations and offers.

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