Liberty Funeral Cover

Liberty knows the heartache one has to go through when losing a loved one, and what makes it even harder is to plan a memorial service when you are not ready. So, Liberty offers you five funeral insurance policies to choose from. You can decide which one fits your family and budget best.

Liberty Funeral Cover Options

Option 1 - Burial Plan

This option will pay a lump sum when an insured family member dies, and you have to pay for funeral expenses. You will get up to R30,000 for you and your spouse, R30,000 for up to eight kids, R30,000 for four parents and R30,000 for eight family members (extended). Do not have to undergo any medical exams and you can apply with just the right identification documentation.

Option 2 - Comprehensive Funeral Plan

It will cover you and your partner, kids, parents and extended loved ones, and you and your spouse will have double accidental cover. You and your partner will receive up to R100,000 coverage, your children and parents will receive up to R50,000, and the four extended family members will receive up to R30,000. With this plan, you can add an education benefit for your children, in case they might need it one day.

When you turn sixty-five years old, you will still have a cover without paying any more monthly premiums. You will also receive five months premiums cashback after every five years.

Option 3 - Extended Family Funeral Plan

It is a funeral cover you take out for all the extended family that needs to get covered. While you are grieving, you do not need to worry about getting the finances for the relative that passed away. With this option, you will get the finances from your insurance provider, and it will help the family dearly.

Option 4 - Parent Funeral Plan

Most individuals will love to lay their parents to rest in an honorable manner, and with Liberty Parent Funeral Plan, you can do precisely that. You can choose a minimum cover of R10,000 or maximum protection of R20,000. The money will be received within forty-eight hours and parents must be between the ages of 35 and 74 years.

Option 5 - Standard Funeral Plan

Like all the rest you can provide cover for yourself, your partner and kids, parents and extended relatives. Coverage includes R75,000 for you and your partner, parents, and children up to R50,000 and up to R30,000 for other family members.

Liberty is just one of a variety of insurance providers; you should request quotes on our website to see what your options are.

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