Hollard Funeral Cover

What benefit can you receive from Hollard funeral cover?

  • You can receive coverage from anything between R10,000 and R75,000.
  • You will receive R35,000 for each child towards university fees.
  • When a claim is made due to the loss of a loved one, you will receive a cut of all your premiums paid back.
  • You will receive a car for transportation while organizing the funeral with a full tank of petrol and unlimited mileage.
  • You receive the accidental death benefit, in other words, you will be covered immediately for death caused by accident.
  • You can cover you, your spouse, kids, and relatives under one plan.
  • Your beneficiary can receive R2,000 each month for monthly requirements for a year after your death.
  • You receive 20% cash back after every five years and premiums are up to date.
  • Get R5,000 or R10,000 for an unveiling ceremony if needed.
  • When your partner dies, you can opt for the benefit to receive R120,000 in cash.
  • Another benefit you can choose is to receive R100,000 for disability, or you die an accidental death.

It is the benefits that you can receive when you choose to get funeral insurance with Hollard. It is a reliable company and has been in the insurance business for many years now.

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