FNB Funeral Cover

Why Should You Consider FNB Funeral Plan?

They understand just how difficult it is losing a loved one, especially if the family does not have the money to settle the bills out of their pockets. FNB wants to give you peace of mind knowing that you and your family are covered. While you are covered you will also earn eBucks points, it can be used at certain places, or you can buy things at their shop. It will provide you with a variety of benefits.

Critical Aspects Regarding Funeral Cover With FNB

You can apply with no fuss, in other words, you do not have to undergo any questions or medical examinations. They offer you a double benefit from the accidental death of you or your spouse. You can also add up to 21 extended family members on a single plan (additional costs per person). All members will be covered for life with this policy. Claims are paid within 24 hours after an application has been submitted. They offer you family bundles cover with discounted premiums (you can add up to 5 children).

What Are The Rates With FNB

Cover for you and your spouse start at R20,000 for as little as R49,00 per person per month. You can get cover up to R80/100,000 for you and your spouse, but the premium will be personalized by the financial advisor.

What Documents Are Needed To Make A Claim

  • Claim form (signed and completed)
  • A certified copy of the person's ID (the one who apply for a claim)
  • Fully completed BI1663 form that is certified.
What Do You Need To Know About The Fine Print

The day you take out the funeral insurance plan, you are immediately covered for accidental death. You cannot claim within the first six months if a loved one dies of natural causes. You can also not make a claim within 24 months for a loved one that tokes his or her own life. You have a refund option for your first premium if you terminate your plan within 30 days (after taking out the policy). FNB may end your cover if you do not settle the monthly premiums as agreed.

FNB is a financial institution for many years now, so you can rest assure that they are reliable and will provide you with excellent services.