Edgars Funeral Cover

Are you a club classic or club VIP member of Edgars?

If not, you should join today and become a member of the Edgars team.

Club Classic

Members receive R5,500 funeral cover benefit with no extra charges. If the leading member of the classic club dies, the family will receive R4,000. If any other family member dies, the principal member will receive R1,500.

Club VIP

If you are a member of the Club VIP membership of Edgars, you automatically are covered for R10,000. If the principal member dies, the family can claim R7,000 and when another member dies only R3,000.

You will have to claim with all the required documentation, and you will receive the money within forty-eight hours.

If you are looking for more coverage than Edgars can provide you with, you can require quotes on this website now. A broker will get in touch with you with a variety of quotes and offers from various companies in South Africa.