Capitec Bank Funeral Cover

Why Choose Capitec Bank Funeral Cover?

They offer you up to R100,000 coverage, and you can add up to 21 members on one plan. What is the best news? You only pay for one plan.

There are two options to get cover:

You tell Capitec Bank how many people you want to cover under one plan; they will calculate a quote accordingly.

Or you can tell them how much you can afford, and they will personalize a premium for you.

One significant aspect of Capitec Bank funeral plan is you will never have annual increases on your policy if they do it you will receive a written notice within three thirty days. They do not want to surprise you with any extra charges; this is why you will not see increases each year.

What Do I Need To Know About Claims?

They offer you with a twenty-four-hour helpline to make a claim; you must have the correct documentation ready when doing this. You can e-mail it to them, so they can begin processing the application.

What Benefits Does Capitec Bank Offer?

You are immediately covered for accidental death once your first premium was deducted.

If a person dies from unnatural causes, the family will receive a double pay-out benefit.

If your spouse gives birth or adopts a child, you will receive six months cover without paying anything. This benefit does have a 24 month waiting period.

You will receive repatriation benefits as well with your policy.

If the vital member of the funeral plan dies, Capitec Bank will give the other dependents six months cover (without any premiums paid). They can use this time to sort out all their financial aspects and choose to pay the cover afterward.