Ackermans Funeral Cover

Why Can You Trust Ackermans Funeral Cover?

Ackermans have been in business for many years and are a well-known retail store locally. They have partnered up with Hollard to provide you with cheap funeral plans. If you are a South African citizen and older than 18 years, then you can apply with Ackermans for a policy.

Ackermans offer you the option to choose between 4 funeral plans:

Individual Protection Plan

The premium starts with R31.95 and gives you cover up to R10,000. You can choose to be covered up to R20,000; your price would be a little more.

Family Funeral Plan

The cover starts at R36.95 per month and cover is R5,000 for each family member. You can choose to increase it up to R45,000 for each person.

Family Protector Plan

Starting from R64.95 per month, you can get coverage for you and your family for R12,500. It means that your whole family will have R115,500 coverage in case anything should happen to any one of them.

Family Protector Plus Plan

The planned start of R109.95 per month and your whole family will have a cover up to R216,900 for unfortunate events like death.

What are the benefits of Ackermans?

  • You can be sure that you will get a funeral cover once Hollard receives all the details of all the insured people (person under the age of 65).
  • You do not have to undergo any medical examinations.
  • They will have your back as long as you pay your premiums, lifetime coverage.
  • The policy will pay out double if you or your partner should die due to an accident.
  • There is no waiting period on accidental death.
  • You can put the policy on your Ackermans card.

So, if you are interested in getting quotes with Ackermans, give them a call or request quotes from other firms on Laid 2 Rest today!